If you thought July was an action packed month wait till you see what August has on offer! For this month we have a varying selection of exciting events that include a demonstration, a festival or two, outdoor parties and even a massive hackers meet-up. Enjoy!

Hanf Parade


Once a year Berliners, Germans and internationals alike demonstrate through the streets of Berlin calling for the legalization of marijuana in Germany. Under the slogan ‘Use Hemp’ the 2015 demonstration will take place on August 8th and is expected to bring in a crowd of over 7,000 weed loving beings. So if you love all things green, join in and put this legislation up in smoke.

hanf parade

Atonal Festival


Back in 2013 Dimitri Hegemann, the owner of Berlin’s famous Tresor club, resurrected his 1980′s experimental music festival Atonal after a 23 year hiatus. Although the stages will most likely not get ripped apart by jackhammer-wielding band members, like what happened when Einstuerzende Neubauten hit the SO36 stage at the first ever Atonal festival in 1982, I’m sure it’ll still be a banging good time. Check it out from August 19th to 23rd.


Art Lake


If you are looking for a special weekend out of the city this month, we highly recommend you check out the three day Artlake festival. It will include dj’s, live music, arts, workshops, street food, a cinema, yoga and much much more. Check it out this August 28th to 30th.


Komet Open Air


If you have previously spent time in Berlin clubs, open air parties or at Mauerpark on a Sunday, you may well have come across Berlin’s now famous bubble blowing partying grandpa Komet! So famous is Komet that he now has his own open air party! Go join Komet on August 9th at Magdalena club to dance, blow bubbles and to raise money for a variety of charities.

komet open air

Chaos Communication Camp


Do you remember in 2014 when the German government (as well as others) were exposed for spying on their citizens? This was mainly thanks to the hacking group Chaos Computer Club! Over the last couple of years this very influential group have been putting on a very special event for hackers and others curious to find out more about CCC and the work that they and others do. Join them at their camp this month where there will be guest speakers, special light displays, music and even a steam train to take guests to various sections of the camp!

chaos communication camp

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Top 5 July

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Summer in Berlin is a hotbed of activity with many festivals, events, concerts and parties taking place all over the city. To help steer you in the right direction here are our Top 5 event tips for July which include a boat party, an outdoor cinema screening, a music festival, a street food party and a new techno street parade party! Enjoy!

Berlin, Beats & Boats

We may be far away from the glistening turquoise waters of Ibiza, but Berlin still has its own boat party! On July 11th fourteen different club and/or label organized boats will cruise around Berlin thumping out electronic beats as part of the Berlin, Beats & Boats festival. After cruising around for a few hours, the party will then continue in Arena Club until the wee hours of the morning.


berlin beats and boats


B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin

If you have previously joined us on one of our tours at Alternative Berlin you would know we love to share stories with our guests about 1970′s and 80′s wild West Berlin. For those of you with a vested interest in the debauchery, craziness and downright silliness that went on in West Berlin, we highly recommend that you check out the newly released film B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin. The film is currently screening at many cinemas, but we suggest checking it out on Monday July 13th when it is screened at the rooftop bar Klunkerkranich.


lust and sound


Schokoladen Hoffest 25th Anniversary

If you’re more of a live music fan than an electronic DJ fan we highly recommend the now 25 year old housing project/bar/concert venue Schokoladen. Their regular concerts are great, but if you want a full weekend of live music from a variety of genres, you should get on down to Schokoladen’s annual courtyard festival taking place this month between July 17th and 19th.




Thai & Techno

Since the introduction of food markets like Bite Club and Street Food Thursday’s Berlin has become a hotbed for Street Food markets, restaurants and pop-ups. It was only inevitable that this new street food love would combine with a classic love for Techno music. If you want a serving of tasty street food, in this case of a Thai variety, with a side of thumping Techno, we suggest getting along to FluxBau later this month for Opal Collective’s pop-up Thai & Techno event.

thai and techno



Zug der Liebe

If you live in Berlin and haven’t heard of Zug der Liebe, you may be living under a rock. Since the organizers of the legendary Love Parade announced they were looking to return to Berlin with a new festival/demonstration, it has been the talk of the town. This July 25th you can join in the fun and games as an epically long routed rolling techno parade makes its way around the streets of Berlin eventually finishing in Alt Treptow where the party will continue. If you missed seeing Love Parade, the may be the closest you’ll get to the original!


zug der liebe



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Top 5 June

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Top 5 June


Take advantage of the long hours of daylight this June by checking out some of our suggested (mainly outdoor) events taking place this month. Market, music, beer and ice cream lovers should take particular note.






If you are looking to spice up your flea market scrounging schedule with a market not on your typical Sunday afternoon, we highly recommend this months Muehlenmarkt in Griessmuehle. Here you will find your typical flea market vendors selling off clothing and other items, plus local designers selling their unique creations. And of course this will all be accompanied with food, drinks and music.



dna bln



For the third time DNA BLN will showcase local and international bands, djs and artists to an eager Berlin audience. From our experience at the last event, expect your socks to blow off with great live music and a massive hangover that follows thanks to one of the sponsors Jaegermeister who will fill you up with that good ol’ brown happy sirup.


Berlin Beer Week

berlin beer week



We love beer. You love beer. So lets have a drink at one of the many events associated with Berlin Beer Week! Local and international breweries will be represented at various events and bars around the city with the whole week culminating with a closing party and the brand new Stone Brewing brewery.


The Ice Cream Market

the ice cream market



It is no joke that people in Berlin absolutely love ice cream! On any given warm sunny day you can expect to find long lines of people waiting to grab a Kugel of their favourite Eis. Now there is even an event this month that simplifies things by putting all of Berlin’s most popular ice cream makers in one place at one time. If you’re also an ice cream lover, check out The Ice Cream Market this June 13th.


Torstrasse Festival 

torstrasse festival



If DNA BLN didn’t satisfy your monthly cravings of live music, we recommend you check out the now super popular Torstrasse Festival. Various venues on and around Torstr. will showcase local and international artists across a two day period.

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If you have previously joined us on one of our tours at Alternative Berlin one of our knowledgeable tour guides may have shared with you the story of Osman Kalin and his tree house that he constructed on a piece of East German land that sat on the West side of the Wall. Osman took advantage of this bizarre land situation, but strangely enough, he wasn’t the only one in the city to do so.


During the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 a triangle piece of East German land near to Potsdamer Platz got cut by the Wall itself. As neither the West nor the East could make practical use of the land, it sat empty for years until May of 1988 when a group of around 40 people occupied the land and dubbed it the Norbert-Kubat-Dreieck named after Norbert Kubat who had committed suicide one year earlier in his jail cell after being imprisoned for his involvement in the famous 87′ May 1st riots.


Kubat Dreieck

The land of Kubat-Dreieck, as well as various other East German land enclaves in West Berlin, had actually been sold to the West in March of 88′ for a price of 76 million Deutsch Marks. However the hand over day of the land was not due until July of the same year. The West Berlin government plans for the land were clear. A city highway with tunnel was to be built on the land, which angered many environmentalists and other locals. Protests then ensued, which was then followed by the occupation of the land itself.

Flucht ueber die Mauer, in den Osten. Lenne-Dreieck Auf der Mauerkrone

The tent and hut community village that was created at Kubat-Dreieck was home to an urban garden, a little farm, group cooking nights and other events. The location became a popular hangout for both locals and tourists alike, but unfortunately for the squatters it also drew attention and annoyance from the political powers on either side of the Wall.



Kubat Dreieck Map

Within the space of a couple of months, Kubat-Dreieck had turned from an alternative utopia into a straight out war zone. Cat and mouse games between the squatters, with the help of other Leftists who had jumped on board, and the West Berlin police escalated into a stone and Molotov cocktail throwing attack from one side and a water canon blasting and tear gas assault from the other. As the battle took place on the streets on the West side of the Wall, East German gas mask wearing border guards peered over the Wall and even helped the squatters and Leftists by telling the West Berlin police to stop drowning East Germany in tear gas. But this wasn’t the only kind gesture that was made by the border guards.


Flucht ueber die Mauer, in den Osten. Lenne-Dreieck Eskalation an der Mauer

On the morning of July 1st 1988, the day of the official land handover, one of the strangest events of the Cold War took place. As the police encircled them, around 200 remaining squatters and Leftists, with animals and bikes in hand, climbed the Berlin Wall jumping into the Death Strip where East German border guards had trucks waiting to take them away to ‘freedom’. The protesters were taken into East Berlin, albeit for only a short time. Later that day they were taken back to the West Berlin and apparently even given free transport tickets from the East as a parting gift.



Flucht ueber die Mauer, in den Osten. Lenne-Dreieck Mit Hab und Gut

Flucht ueber die Mauer, in den Osten. Lenne-Dreieck Helfer in der DDR

Kubat-Dreieck today is in the middle of the modern Potsdamer Platz area where towering skyscrapers have been built in the area where the Berlin Wall once stood. The story of Kubat-Dreieck is certainly a bizarre one, but it also not too different to other stories of protest and occupation in Berlin. This tradition runs deep in the history of modern Berlin and is something you can find out more about by joining one of our tours.



Written by Liam Gook 

Photo´s by Metin Yilmaz

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Top 5 May

For Berlin, May is a month of partying, protesting and enjoyment of the sun that has finally brought some warmth to the city. But if you’re looking for events other than your famous May Day celebrations and Karneval der Kulturen, here are our alternative event tips for the month of May.

too drunk to watch

Too Drunk To Watch: Punk Film Festival (https://www.facebook.com/events/1498393833737499/)


From a feminist film festival to nation specific film festivals to even a porn film festival, plus everything in between, Berlin seemingly has a film festival for all tastes. Starting on May 6th and running until May 10th the Too Drunk To Watch: Punk Film Festival will be screening PUNK related films from around the world.

Tag des Sieges

Tag des Sieges (http://neuntermai.vvn-bda.de/2014/12/31/information-fur-unsere-besucherinnen-und-besucher/)


This coming May marks 70 years since the end of the European side of World War II. As we are in Germany, there are no official celebrations, for obvious reasons, but if you want to experience one of the stranger and messier parties celebrating the defeat of the Nazi’s, we recommend joining the Russians, punks, leftists and others at the Soviet Memorial in Treptower Park this May 9th.


Braufest Berlin 2015 (https://www.facebook.com/events/295231683948498/)


Berlin’s craft beer scene has exploded in recent years, but it isn’t all about the new brands and bars, there are also new and wonderful beer festivals! One such festival is Braufest Berlin that will see local, German and international beers being poured between May 14th and 17th in the RAW area.


Displaced Thoughts by Herakut (http://www.herakut.de/2015/05/01/displaced-thoughts/)


This coming May 16th one of our favourite street art duos Herakut will open their new Berlin exhibition entitled Displaced Thoughts. The exhibition will include paintings, photographs and installations highlighting the work of individuals and organizations from across the Middle East, Europe and Africa., with a strong focus on issues associated with global movement.

The vinyl and breakfast market

The Vinyl and Breakfast Market (https://www.facebook.com/events/727786464013911/)


If Sunday to you means a good breakfast followed by a flea market visit to scrounge through piles of records, The Vinyl and Breakfast Market is making things easier for you by providing both in the same location. The breakfast side of things will be provided by many of the regular Markthalle Neun street food vendors and the vinyl side of this will be provided by some of Berlin’s most popular record stores and labels. Check it out on Sunday May 17th.



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Our list of Top fives for the month of April which traditionally is the month Berlin´s begin to open their hearts, minds and wallets and get set to party as the weather improves and summer madness is within reach.

Korean Roller Disco

Korean Roller Disco (https://www.facebook.com/events/1649848308572497/)

Start your Easter long weekend with a twist at the Korean Roller Disco that will take place Easter Friday at Prince Charles. This event will give you the opportunity to dong on a pair of skates, wheel-dance until your red in the face and devour some amazing Korean food provided by some of Berlin’s favourite Korean street food vendors.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 19.57.30

Easter Fires (http://www.berlin.de/kultur-und-tickets/tipps/ostern/3408045-2404530-osterfeuer-im-britzer-garten.html)


If you are looking for a special German tradition this Easter that doesn’t involve Easter markets, egg hunting or egg painting, we recommend to check out one of the Easter Fire burning events. One of our favourite places to watch wood piles go up in flames, is the very tranquil Britzer Garten. Check it out on Easter Saturday evening.


Droneberg Fest (https://www.facebook.com/events/754295834620847/)


Later in the month on April 16th, Hamburg’s D.I.Y doom festival ‘Droneberg Fest’ spreads its dark wings and lands in Berlin’s famous punk venue SO36. If you’re sick of electronic music and want to hear some dark noisy tunes, we highly recommend this one day festival that features 2 stages of live music, art installations, a poster exhibition and more.

persons of interest

Persons of Interest (https://www.facebook.com/events/918640218187013/)


For the street art lovers, Berlin’s premier street art gallery Urban Nation is currently hosting an exhibition that features the work of 12 important Brooklyn street artists. Included in the line up are some of our favourite street artists like Swoon, Gaia and Cake. The exhibition runs until June 15.

curious fox books

Curious Fox Books (http://www.curiousfoxbooks.com/)


If you are looking for more of a quiet month this April, maybe you should drop by Curious Fox Books in Neukoelln and pick yourself up a new or secondhand English language book. This Irish owned book shop features a large selection of books for both adults and children. They also offer tea, coffee and snacks as well as host a variety of literature related events.

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Top 5 March

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The sun has been shining bright in Berlin of late and thanks to this, our tours at Alternative Berlin have been very busy. If you have taken a tour with us, you would know that our guides are always full of great tips, but our Blog and Facebook Page are also both worth keeping an eye on. The following are our Top 5 event tips for March.


Berlin X Reykjavik Festival https://www.facebook.com/events/375013215957331/


For the second year running, the multi-city jazz fusion festival of Berlin X Reykjavik will see an exchange of artists between the aforementioned cities. From March 5th – 7th, Neue Heimat will host the Berlin segment of the festival, which sees a variety of talent from Reykjavik performing before a Berlin audience. The festival is headlined by the amazing Icelandic artist Emiliana Torrini.



Exhibtion: Houses by Vidam https://www.facebook.com/events/925041667528362/


This month, one of our favourite street artists Vidam, of the street art crews Peach Beach and The Weird, will display a new solo exhibition entitled ‘Houses’ at Retramp gallery. The exhibition will include illustrations of houses with mural paintings that are inspired by houses in the artists own neighbourhood. The exhibition will run from March 6 – April 10.


St. Patrick’s Day Festival https://www.facebook.com/events/1615236468708938/


As most of you are well aware, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations certainly are not limited to Ireland. Various cities and towns around the world throw massive parties with green sausages to green rivers being a thing at these parties. Since 2011, Berlin has had its very own St. Patrick’s Day festival inclusive of a parade and concert! If you want to get your green on, this years festival is taking place on March 15th, just a couple of days before the actual St. Patrick’s Day.

St Patricks

Max Rave: Westbam’s 50th Birthday Bash https://www.facebook.com/events/877646252267106/


Berlin techno legend Westbam will this month celebrate his 50th birthday, the only way a DJ knows how… with a massive techno party! Westbam himself headlines the party that will surely go to all hours of the morning. Check it out in Columbia Halle on March 14th.

Max Rave

Klunkerkranich Re-Opening https://www.facebook.com/klunkernderkranich


With the weather being surprisingly sunny and mild for this time of year, some of Berlin’s popular outdoor spaces have decided to open their doors a little earlier in the year than usual. One such venue is the very popular rooftop bar of Klunkerkranich. Take in the amazing view from the top level of the Neukoelln Arcaden carpark and listen to some tunes or stroll the regular weekend fleamarket at this amazing location.

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Top 5: February

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Top 5: February


Well, it is cold outside. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit inside all day and night bitching about it to friends on Facebook, because even in February Berlin has a lot on offer! To help point you in the right direction, here are our Top 5 suggestions for getting out and about this February.

wurst 7 bier

Wurst & Bier

What is more German than sausages and beer? Nothing! But this is Berlin, so don’t just expect to see your plain old Bratwurst and Becks at this months Wurst & Bier festival! A large variety of brewers and sausage makers from Berlin and Brandenburg, as well as special guests from Germany and Europe, will gather to show you how good a wurst & bier can actually be. Check it out on Sunday the 8th.

(Photo via Wurst & Bier)



Everybody knows Berlin’s international film festival Berlinale, but if you are looking for a more local underground film festival this month we highly recommend Boddinale. Now in its third year, Boddinale, at Loophole and Kaleidoskop on Boddinstr. Neukoelln, showcases a wide variety of independent films of which many are by local Berlin film makers. 5 – 15 February.

(Photo via Boddinale)


RAF exhibition

If you have taken a tour with us before, you may very well have been told about the Red Army Faction (RAF) aka Baader Meinhof Gang. This far left wing West German militant group, that existed from  1970 till 1998, was highly feared by many, but worshiped by others. Their fascinating history is one worth knowing more about and the current temporary exhibition at the German History Museum about the RAF is well worth a look. It runs until March 8th.

(Photo via German History Museum)

urban nation

Cut It Out

Berlin’s premier Street Art gallery Urban Nation will this month showcase work from an international line-up of stencil artists in their exhibition Cut It Out. The exhibition, that is curated by Ollystudio and Hendrik Haven, features big name stencil artists like C215, M-City, XooooX, Czarnobyl and many more. Check it out from now until February 27.

(Photo via Urban Nation)

Circus Hostel

Circus Hostel Brewing Co.

Over the last couple of years, micro breweries have been sprouting up all over the city. Last month Circus Hostel joined the trend by launching their very own micro brewery, Circus Hostel Brewing Co.  To try the beers of the newest micro brewery in town, head over to Circus Hostels bar Katz & Maus.

(Photo via Circus Hostel)

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Top Fives for January

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If you have taken a tour with us at Alternative Berlin in the past few months, you would have been lucky enough to receive many cool recommendations for your stay in Berlin. We are always very willing to give you updated info on our favourite bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, parks, tattoo parlours, vinyl shops and much moreto help our guests continue their good times in Berlin, even after their tour’s are finished. We don’t want to give all of our tips away here, you’ll have to come on a tour to get them all, but here are 5 of our favourites.

Badehaus Simpla

Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon 


Without a doubt, the number one question us guides get asked is ‘where should I go out tonight’! As you may be aware, Berlin’s nightlife well and truly centres around electronic music, however there is also a vast selection of clubs and bars that cater for most tastes and desires. For those guests wanting to see some live music, we often recommend Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon.


(Photo via Zitty Berlin)


With live music most nights of the week, Badehaus, as it is more simply known, is a great choice for jazz, gypsy, rock, hip hop and everything in between. If you are a budding musician, Badehaus’s regular schedule includes a variety of jam sessions and open mic nights, where musicians are welcome to join in on the fun and games.

AKA tattoo



If you want to remember your awesome time in Berlin FOREVER, we have no better suggestion than for you to get yourself a tattoo at one of our favourite Berlin tattoo studios AKA.


(Photo via AKA Facebook)


AKA boast some of Berlin’s best tattoo artists, each with their own individual style, who daily create amazing pieces on locals and travelers alike. As they are quite popular, it is recommended to make a appointment. AKA also do piercings!


Sfizy Veg 


(Photo via Mogli Oak Berlin)

Berlin is a very vegetarian and vegan friendly city, but if you are looking for an extra special restaurant, we highly recommend you check out Europe’s first all vegan pizzeria Sfizy Veg.

With pizza names like Bacon Cheezzyburger, Sfizy Veg’s menu may seem somewhat confusing as to whether they are actually vegan or not. But I can inform you that these are just names and their pizza’s, pasta’s and salads are all vegan friendly and delicious! Even the meat lovers will get confused as to what they are actually eating.


Core Tex Records


Coretex records

(Photo via Core Tex Records)

If you have previously joined one of our tours, you would most likely have heard stories of Kreuzberg’s punk music past. Although electronic music now reigns supreme, punk is still alive and if you are wanting to pick up a few records whilst you’re in town, we recommend Core Tex Records.

Core Tex Records isn’t all about punk, they also stock a large collection of metal, hardcore, screamo, indie and other such genres on record and cd. They also have a massive collection of tshirts, merchandise and even sell their own beer!



Museum der Dinge

Particularly in the colder winter months, we like to recommend our guests some interesting thing to do indoors. Berlin’s museums are an obvious choice, but if you want to visit one that is a little bit different to the rest, we recommend that you check out Museum der Dinge or in English, the Museum of Things.

Since 2007, the Museum of Things has been exhibiting their interesting collection of, well, things, that include products, toys, pins, books, plates, kettles and basically any other oddities you could think of! It is truly a great way to spend a few hours, particularly with friends as there are so many great talking points.

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Alternative Berlin Green Tour  by Tiffany Herrington

If this is your first time in Berlin, one of the first things you will likely notice are the amount of sprawling green spaces co-existing beautifully among urban areas and buildings. You might be subsequently impressed to learn that Berlin has more parks than any other city in Europe, and despite its immense size, has eluded the concrete-jungle existence that is the reality of many other metropolis world cities.  But Berlin is not content to just sit pretty.  The inhabitants of this liberal, progressive, forward-thinking city have taken its green presence to the next level, and are using technology as well as grass-roots efforts to make this city an eco-friendly one, a model for others to follow.

Alternative Berlin’s Green Tour examines these developments and provides an education as to what they mean for the city, all the while combining these elements with other things Berlin is so rich in, history and art.  The tour begins at a train station that was a former transportation hub that was used during World War II to deport thousands of Jews, mostly elderly men and women.  Hitler’s eventual plan was to turn the station into an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a plan that was thwarted by British and American bombs and Soviet artillery shells.

The station currently exists as a peaceful green space itself, in close proximity to a recycling area containing bins for various types of waste.  Germany has the highest recycling rate of any country in Europe, and these bins have been in use since the 1980’s.  The walls behind them are painted over with murals depicting picturesque outdoor scenery, because why leave something plain, when you can make it artistically interesting?  Gotta love this city.


Germany has imposed a ban on traditional garbage dumps, replacing them with one of the most advanced waste-management systems in the world, and by 2020, intends to eradicate any remaining landfills in the country.  Berlin sees waste management as a boom industry of the future and is implementing an innovative waste-management policy so as to give its local enterprises in the sector a head start.  As a result, 55,000 old garbage dumps have been replaced by 70 incinerators, 60 biological and mechanical waste-processing factories, and 800 units producing compost from organic waste.  Bye bye, trash.  Hello, energy production and billions of euros saved.

Block 6 a

Block 6 b

Block 6 c
No type of waste is safe from being reused and recycled here, and that includes those of the grey and black water variety.  Started in 1987 the research project investigates innovative water management and urban food production and has developed and implemented a water purifying system that replicates systems in nature.  It takes the grey water from 75 surrounding apartments and runs it through a reed bed purification system which allows the water to be used a second time, savings residents around 3 million litres of water a year (an Olympic swimming pool holds around 2.5 million litres).  There are plans in the works to create a black water purification system which will convert human waste into compost and fertilizer, which will feed greenhouses and increase and improve food production.


Sud 2
Not far from the Roof Water-Farm, another type of life cycle continues in an abandoned railway yard. The Tempelhof switchyard, a derelict railway site, was completely shut down in 1952.  In the space of just 50 years, this 18-hectare space has assumed the newborn identity. It has been transformed into a natural urban reserve through the help of conservationists and artists, and has become a diverse, species-rich natural oasis in the heart of the city, with rich dry grassland, jungle-like woodland and herbaceous vegetation.

Sud 4

Sud 1
This beautiful urban nature park is currently home to two thirds of Germany ́s bird population, as well as bumblebees, spiders, endangered butterflies, praying mantises, hundreds of different plant species and a massive variety of giant mushrooms.  To be able to walk along rows of railroad tracks that have been turned into foliage-surrounded walkways, with the tracks still visible in the concrete, and see trees growing up through parallel railway tracks, the spikes beginning to split in their wake, is a fantastic experience and a surreal firsthand look at the way nature takes over anything left to her.  And in true Berlin fashion, expect to see street-art in the park, in the form of graffiti on the old walls of the railway station, as well as an array of unique sculptures nearby the former locomotive hall, now used by artists as a performance and rehearsal space.

In keeping with the theme of artists and community working hand in hand to promote environmental awareness, conservation, and culture another community project  in Marienfelde has taken the initiative in this regard.  Started in 1979, this space was originally a film copy centre, but when it was later scheduled for demolition, an idea came together to give the space a second life as a centre for culture, community, and ecology.  The site currently has 30 residents and over 160 co-workers who form and test new concepts for producing socially and ecologically responsible ways of living in a metropolis.  Solar panels provide all the power for the whole complex, and green initiatives include gardens, green roofs, independent energy sources and a rainwater-collecting system.  An in-house Organic Bakery and Confectionery and Natural Foods Store provide an assortment of sustainable and tasty food items (I can personally attest to the deliciousness of the caramel coffee and schwarzbier!), and there is a children’s farm onsite where kids can learn to care for animals.

The Neighborhood and Self-Help Center provides encouragement and assistance in cultural as well as social, health and family matters, and a range of workshops offer opportunities for young and old to remain active whether as athletes, musicians, dancers or circus artists.  The center hosts a circus school, as well as performances by international artists, festivals, in-house productions, comedy, cabaret, dance, world music, children’s programs and professional theatre presentations.  This is  progressive and sustainable living at it´s best.

Prencessen c

In another salvaged space, in nearby Kreuzberg, Prinzessinnengärten peacefully occupies a piece of land previously rendered a wasteland by heavy street fighting during World War II.  The site sat vacant for 50 years until a community group called Nomadic Green took it over in 2009, cleared it of debris, and transformed it into an organic, mobile garden.· By growing vegetables in rice bags, plastic crates and milk containers they have created an ingenious and unique system where they can easily transport the plants to another location if need be.

Prencessen a

Prencessen d

Princessen b

Prinzessinnengärten is an urban place of learning, where locals can come together to experiment and discover more about organic food production, biodiversity and climate protection. Gardening and beekeeping workshops are offered, and the site features a library of gardening books, a plant shop which sells vegetables and herbs, and a cafe-restaurant made from a recycled shipping container that sells fresh food from the garden’s produce as a fantastic way for visitors to enjoy the whole cycle from planting to harvesting to eating the food that is grown on-site.  Guten appetit!

If you don’t get your fill of fresh, organic local food at the garden, worry not – you can do so at Markthalle 9, in the heart of Kreuzberg.

Market c

One of only three remaining market halls in Berlin, this historical monument is 120 years old and has endured a violent past during wartime, but it survived beautifully and now lives a peaceful existence as a place for small traders again.  Here, you can find an incredible array of delicious, sustainable, local food (as well as a brewery!) sourced in ecologically and socially responsible ways, in direct contact with the producers.  The market hall also offers space for initiatives from local residents and is a platform for projects that deal critically with the topics of nutrition, urban, agriculture, biodiversity and the environment.

Market a

Market b

It is a dynamic space in which to eat some incredible food prepared in front of you, drink a beer brewed right in the building, and become totally immersed in the deep history and progressive existence that make Berlin the fantastic city it is. A city where urban living and eco-friendly living are synonymous, innovative technology and hands-on, organic methods combine to achieve a healthier environment and responsible,conscious standard of living, and the future is looking green.


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