Artist of the Week – Lunatic Team

Posted by admin on Wednesday Oct 21, 2009 Under streetart

This week I have the pleasure of introducing a more graffiti/writer based group of artists: the Lunatic Team.

You have probably seen one of their many, expansive walls; for instance along the outside of the YAAM, often our last stop on the tour in summer. Comprised of the writers Kobe, Demut and Wizet, these guys have been beautifying the city with both commissioned and non-commissioned work.

Check them out, in action, on Youtube.

Lunatic Team’s Myspace and Streetfiles Gallery.

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Just @ ATM

Posted by admin on Friday Oct 16, 2009 Under Berlin, events, streetart

You have probably seen “just” tags all over the city. Usually high up on rooftops in somewhat crude (produced by long paint rollers) lettering, sometimes tagged all over a building. Like the one on the corner or Warschauer and Hagelberger. It used to be decorated with, oh, I don’t know, 100? 200? “just” tags. Now it’s painted over and no one wants to live there because it looks boring and is the epitome of gentrification. Naja.

Anyhow, Just also takes beautiful pictures of his excursions and of other artists doin’ their thang. Check him out tonight at the ATM Gallery.

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Artist of the Week – Sam Crew

Posted by admin on Wednesday Oct 14, 2009 Under Berlin, events, streetart

This week I have the pleasure of introducing you to the lovely guys known on the streets as SAM CREW. Berlin’s We Make Stuff Good Gallery is opening it’s doors for the first WMSG solo show this Saturday.

Originally from Schwerin, the Sam Crew has since relocated to Berlin where their traditional graffitis and character designs reign streets and corners from Prenzlauer Berg to Charlottenburg.The exhibition space was once a small cafe that stood at the entrance of a swimming complex consisting of two large swimming pools, known around here as Stattbad. The boys from Sam Crew and Peach Beach offered up their time and materials on Saturday to transform the sad and tagged wall conjoining the gallery space.

To get a better picture of who they are, here is a short (translated) excerpt from an interview the berlinpiraten had with Sam Crew:

“berlinpiraten: What would you tell someone who wants to become active [in the street art/graffiti scene]?
SAM-Crew: Always put up originals, never b/w copies. It’s not about presenting your name, it’s about the big picture.

berlinpiraten: How do you feel about the increasing commercialization of street art and graffiti? Where do you see pros and cons?
SAM-Crew: Fuck ogo und co. I am a graphic designer myself and partially work in advertising, but I would never sell my artist name. ”

To check out more of their stuff, visit ReclaimYourCity or the Sam Crew Website. And of course the WMSG Gallery.

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Ugh, really Brad?

Posted by admin on Friday Oct 9, 2009 Under events, streetart

I usually really adore whatever Brad Downey gets into his head but this?

This is shit.

The guys over at rebelart try and explain it by hypothesizing that “if advertisements are starting to look more and more like street art and street art is gaining more and more acceptance (in contrast to advertisement which is beginning to be seen as “visual pollution”) in all social spheres, then maybe street art must look like advertisements to be truly radical.”

Not really. It’s still a fucking ad. For McDonalds, of all things.

Oh Brad.

On to brighter things: this is an absolutely fantastic piece by Herakut, also to be found on the streets of Lüneburg (where the Artotale was taking place this week).

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Weekly Artist Feature – Victor Ash

Posted by admin on Wednesday Oct 7, 2009 Under Berlin, streetart

Hello! and welcome to our new feature! Every week we will be featuring one great street artist, usually from – or at least seen around – Berlin. This week…


One of the largest pieces you might have seen on our tour is the Cosmonaut made for the Backjumps Street Art Festival in 2007 (there’s another one coming up this November!):

Something I really, really like about it is the positioning. If you walk by there at night (which you are most likely to do, since it’s right near Oranienstrasse, a great place to go out…. also check for a new, unnamed bar that is actually someone’s apartment! You gotta find it yourself, but I’ll give you one hint: it’s in a free-standing building.) Anyhow, across the road there is a car sales place with a few flags blowing in the wind… can you guess? na? NA!? Well, at night there is a light projection of one of those flags on to the building, making it appear as if the Astro-/Cosmonaut is planting a flag into the earth.

He’s been busy the past few weeks, with new large scale pieces popping up in Berlin, Bremen and around the world.

Bunker in Bremen

Bunker in Bremen

Berlin, Friedrichshain

Berlin, Friedrichshain

be sure to check out:

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Sell Outs

Posted by admin on Sunday Oct 4, 2009 Under Berlin, streetart

Yesterday, on my way home, I came across an “ad” saying “graffiti is to art what rap is to music”. I wonder of this project has anything to do with that:

Sine little posters

Sine little posters

Click here for more info.
via Just

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Chalk Guy

Posted by admin on Friday Oct 2, 2009 Under streetart

From Wikipedia:

“His name is Julian Beever an English, Belgium-based chalk artist who has been creating trompe-l’œil chalk drawings on pavement surfaces since the mid-1990s. His works are created using a projection called anamorphosis, and create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the correct angle.

Beever works as a freelance artist and creates murals for companies. He has worked in the UK, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, the U.S., Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Russia and Portugal.

Besides this pavement art, Beever also paints murals with acrylic paints and replicas of the works of masters and oil paintings, and creates collages. Amongst his other work are wood panelled drawings, usually themed around music, measuring 7 metres long by 1.5 metres high.”




























check out his website.

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Posted by admin on Wednesday Sep 30, 2009 Under streetart

Beautiful video shot in Kenya called “Women are Heroes” by and featuring the artist JR, which you might have heard about on our tours. He’s done great “conversation” pieces with large heads in Berlin and Israel, among other places.

von JR
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Oh yes.

Posted by admin on Sunday Sep 27, 2009 Under Berlin, events, streetart

The art forum has come to an end and everyone seems well tired out after so many openings and parties and turtlenecked champagne drinkers. These re-purposing of subway signs comes as a nice parting gift.

via ekosystem

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Guerrilla Urban Art

Posted by admin on Wednesday Sep 23, 2009 Under streetart
Great article by Weburbanist

Great article by Weburbanist

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