Green Tour

Green Tour


Take a look at the Green city of Berlin now & in the future!

Find out what Berlin´s local communities are doing about resourcing, recycling and establishing networks to create a sustainable urban environment on this fascinating and insightful tour.We´ll take a look at designated areas and projects for sustainable living that are of vital importance to Berlin citizens who see both the dangers and opportunities of unwanted space and community action to create, preserve and revitalize the city landscape.

Join us on this mini green adventure as we explore.

  • A former film processing centre /open air movie drive where a community lives and works on the site using solar powered energy, compost and and rainwater collection to fuel their homes and workshops.
  • We will visit a community gardens projects in the inner city who provide fresh vegetables to the local community and a bee project for honey production.
  • You´ll learn about waste management strategies and sites as we take you to an ambitious grey water treatment and water conservation site in Potsdamerplatz. Initiated by residents in 1987, this ingenious project is designed to reuse and save substantial amounts of water in their green oasis apartment blocks.
  • We´ll trek through an enchanting reclaimed nature park in the ruins of former railway depot which nature has reclaimed . Home to 350 plant types, giant mushrooms and two thirds of Germany´s bird species, foxes, insects and delightful fauna.
  • Finishing the tour in a buzzing market hall where local producers and Berliners congregate to sample food, drinks and chat about the state of this wonderful Green city.

We have much more information to share with you about Berlin’s city-wide efforts to create a greener, more sustainable world. We hope that tour guests will bring many questions and insights of their own and contribute to the discussions.

The Green Tour has limited places and requires a minimum number of bookings in order for it to commence. Please email us for more details.