Twilight Tour

Twilight Tour

*Please note we do not Twilight tours in winter season due to extreme weather conditions.

Meets at 6pm – bookings essential (limited places)

Duration: 4.5 hours


Can You Handle Our Most Extreme Tour?

Meet the freaks that come out at night on Berlin’s most hardcore tour. Our most experienced and connected guide shows you just how deep the rabbit hole goes on this unique tour.

An amazing nighttime adventure that takes alternative tours to a whole new level.

See the places hidden from the public eye, people living on the fringes of society – on the outer rims of counterculture.


  • A sci-fi style bunker used by hacker’s and tech heads
  • Mindblowing urban exploration of abandoned relics
  • Nighttime street art and graffiti
  • Cutting edge art exhibitions in unusual industrial complexes
  • Rooftops, clubhouse bars, squat houses and even private parties in notorious neighborhoods!

WARNING: This tour is not for the claustrophobic, faint-hearted, or easily shocked. (Proper footwear required – No flipflops!)

MUST BE OVER 18. We reserve the right to refuse anyone, for this particular tour, for any reason.


Please note some locations are outside of the city center and transport times can be up to 15 minutes between stops. Locations can change depending what is happening in the city.

Bookings are essential for this tour.We recommend a transport ticket for this tour. We recommend a transport ticket for this tour.

Please not due to extreme weather conditions we do not run this tour in winter season.


 *If you are conservative or narrow minded please do not book this tour. We get guests from time to time who clearly should not be partaking in a tour experience like this.