1. Q: Where does the tour start?

A: Our Street Art Tour & Workshop, Real Berlin Experience and Free Alternative Tours start at Alexanderplatz, under the TV Tower outside Starbucks.

2. Q: How do I recognize the guide?

A: Our guides will hold up flyers from our company, so they will be easy to spot.

3. Q: Is there a limit to capacity on the tours?

A: Yes, we try to keep our tours intimate to guarantee a nice experience for everybody on tour while respecting the neighbourhoods we visit. Therefor we don´t sell more than about 20 tickets per guide.

We try to have enough guides scheduled for the Free Tours as well, but as registration is not necessary for this tour (everybody can join and we don´t want to send people away) one guide could possibly end up with a group of more than 20. We thank you for your understanding.

4. Q: Do I need a train ticket for the tours?/What is an AB transport ticket?/Where do I get the ticket?

A: On our tours we cover most distances on foot, but sometimes it is necessary to take the train, as the Berliners do, if the distances are too long. The ticket for the public transport is not included in the tour so it is best if you get it before the tour starts. You will need a ticket for the A and B zone and we recommend a day pass which for the price of under three journeys. You can get the ticket at the machines in any station, and these can be set to English, French and many other languages. They are also available in the many „Spätkaufs“ (the famous little 24 hrs shops that also sell cigarettes, newspapers etc.)

The tickets are valid for subways, trains, buses and trams.

5. Q: Where does the tour end?

A: The street art workshop ends at our venue at Herzbergstraße 55, Berlin Lichtenberg. Alternative tours usually end close to the train station, “Ostbahnhof”. In some cases this can vary depending on the season and day. If you are unsure it is best you ask your guide at the start where the tour will end. No matter where this may be our guides will take the time to explain you how to get back to Alexanderplatz or anywhere else and which trains to take.

6. Q: Is the free tour really free?

A: Yes and no. Free tours are tip-based tours. The guides doing this tour are not paid by us and make their living from the tips they receive. Therefore we ask only that you are fair and consider what you think the tour was worth, and then you can decide how much you can and want to pay your guide.

7. Q: How do I book a private tour?

A: Contact us through the contact form or write to us directly on bookings(at)alternativeberlin.com

We are happy to answer all your questions about our private tour offers. If you are traveling with a school or university group don´t forget to ask for our student deals.

8. Q: Can I join the tour if I am late?

A: In comparison to other tours our guides have more freedom where to take the groups. Our Street Art and Graffiti tour guides will always know where you can see the latest pieces whilst our Free Tour guides will share their very personal view on the city. That´s why we don´t have fixed routes , meaning we can’t just send you along in the right direction if you call the office. To find the guide with the group in Kreuzberg’s backstreets whilst they are still moving is difficult and would require  several calls to the guide. To keep the tour as a great experience and to avoid disturbing the other customers, our guides will have their phones muted during the tour. Please make sure to be on time at the meeting point and maybe plan a little extra time as the Berlin public transport is not always as efficient as you would expect in Germany.

Thank you for your understanding.

9. Q: Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

A: Most of our tours are. Unfortunately there are still some public transport stations that are still not barrier free. Please contact us and let us know which tour you are planning to take so we can let the guide know beforehand. They will adjust the route accordingly.

10. Q: Can I bring my child on the tour?

A: Participantson the street art tour & workshop must be 14 or older. This is for health reasons, as we use paints containing aerosols that can be harmful for the lungs of young children.

For the Real Berlin Experience we advise as well a minimum age of 14, but only because it might be too much walking or too hard to understand for children. It is no problem to bring small children or babies in a stroller.

You always have the possibility to book a private tour so the guide can adjust the tour to the capabilities and interests of your children. Contact us for more information via the contact page for or booking(at)alternativeberlin.com

11. Q: Can I bring my dog on the tour?

Out of respect to our other customers, who could be afraid of or allergic to dogs etc we don´t allow any dogs on our tours.

12. Q: Will the tour run in all weather conditions?

A: Our tours run in any weather conditions as long as it is not considered to be dangerous.

13. Q: Why do I have to bring an ID to the pub crawl?

A: In Germany it is the law to have an ID with you when attending public events and buildings such as clubs. Therefore we can´t take you on the tour without a valid ID, drivers license or passport.