Activity, Beer, Culture

Stands for Activity, Beer, Culture and is a favorite with groups visiting the city that want a bit of variety on their tour and a bit of fun. The tour can be tailored to your liking. A bit of urban culture, local neighborhoods and some great food & drink.

We can include

  • A visit to Berlin´s thriving artist and multi cultural neighborhoods
  • Relax at a few of Berlin’s most famous traditonal pubs/beer gardens for an authentic experience.
  • See one of Europe´s largest alternative entertainment areas on the grounds of former bombed out train depot with bars, beer gardens, skate halls and street art
  • Find some hidden courtyards, flea Markets , urban farms, local areas for food shopping & entertainment
  • Some important historical sites and must sees in Berlin
  • You might also like to include an activity to your liking ie. A Street art workshop, City markets, 2nd hand shopping and many seasonal events. Come and enjoy some wonderful German culture Berlin style!

These tours will include a pick up from your accomodation at an agreed time and we’ll also escort you back to your hotel or a specific location on completion of the activity/tour.
Prices start at 15 euros per person depending on length of the tours and activities.