Alternative Berlin Student Tour

Our passionate and knowledgable guides will give students a real sense of Berlin´s Alternative lifestyle, multicultural neighborhoods and urban art scenes on these beautifully designed tours that are both fun and educational.

Highlights :

  • Street art/graffiti
  • Urban culture and Alternative lifestyle
  • Cultural icons including a tree house in the area of the former wall, YAAM beach bar & market
  • anecdotes about artist squats , communes, creative arts projects
  • Cool shops & districts
  • Landmarks of Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, Punk, Goth & Electronic music
  • All the stories & legends of the neighborhoods and much much more…

Price: 150€ per group with maximum 30 participants (it´s possible to book tours for bigger groups)

Duration: 3hours

Our guides are all active members of Berlin´s Street art, graffiti and underground/ alternative community and will give students  the chance to engage in some thought provoking discussions on counter – culture, urban art, music scenes, gentrification and alternative lifestyle. All this while discovering the colourful neighborhoods and the real people of Berlin.