Green City Tour



Take a look at the Green city of Berlin now & in the future!

Find out what Berlin´s local communities are doing about resourcing, recycling and establishing networks to create a sustainable urban environment on this fascinating and insightful tour.We´ll take a look at designated areas and projects for sustainable living that are of vital importance to Berlin citizens who see both the dangers and opportunities of unwanted space and community action to create, preserve and revitalize the city landscape.

Join us on this mini green adventure as we explore.

  •  A church with a green history,  a nomadic garden collective and a park that punks helped build

  • Discover the density of green businesses throughout Kreuzberg and find the longest running organic supermarket in Berlin

  • Walk through a small part of a reclaimed canal that was part of the deathstrip in the Cold war era

  • Take a look at how cryptoanarchists and tech-heads do their part at a secret tech hub.

  • Visit a community garden project in the inner city who provide fresh vegetables to the local community and a bee project for honey production.

  • Walk the green mile from the former Tempelhof Airport to Schillerkiez, a thriving oasis of green activity including guerilla gardening and local reclaimed leisure spots, while you learn about waste management strategies, rainwater collection, solar powered energy projects, human rights and sustainability in Berlin.

We have much more information to share with you about Berlin’s city-wide efforts to create a greener, more sustainable world. We hope that tour guests will bring many questions and insights of their own and contribute to the discussions.

The Green Tour has limited places and requires a minimum number of bookings in order for it to commence. Please email us for more details.