Real Berlin Experience

Real Berlin Experience

All daily tours are conducted in English!

EVERY  Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat


*Recommended by BBC World & The Guardian(UK) Cultural Guide 2011

Berlin's Dynamic Culture & Lifestlye Fascinates Everyone!

Creative, tolerant, multi-cultural and liberal. No other city balances tradition & trends, density & open space, underground & cosmopolitan like this UNESCO “City of design”.

On our premier Alternative tour we step off the tourist trail and explore the cultural landscape from a local perspective. You´ll learn about and experience life as a Berliner as we visit some of the city’s hip, multicultural and former working class districts. Discuss Berlin’s subcultures and it´s counter culture history and see some of the world’s most breathtaking Street art & graffiti up close and personal on this authentic local experience.

Discover the true identity of this city and experience the Real Berlin with us!

Urban Highlights
  • Berlin´s Turkish quarters & local organic markets
  • Cafe & local shopping strips, fascinating courtyards and creative hubs
  • The origins of the famous Berliner Currywurst, Doner Kebab and the legendary Prater Beer garden
  • Berlin´s most flamboyant & multicultural neighborhoods including Prenzlauerberg, Mitte, Friedrichshain & Kreuzberg)
  • Open air/underground galleries
  • Urban farms & guerilla gardens

Subcultures/Counter culture

  • Street art /graffiti, mural art projects, squat houses & communes
  • Underground Hip hop & The Reggae, Rasta scene (YAAM beach)
  • Student protest movement (60s)
  • Rise and fall of the Baader-Meinhof gang (70s),
  • Urban renewal, gentrification, punks,May 1 riots (80s)
  • Culture jamming & the club scenes (90s)
  • Berlin´s high tech, start up, new business explosion (00s)

*Superb photo opportunities ,refreshment breaks , local tips and recommendations especially hand picked by Alternative Berlin guides for this tour.
Group sizes are smaller and more intimate for this tour.

The Real Berlin Experience meets at Alexanderplatz TV TOWER next to the entrance of Star*ucks every Tuesday, Thursday, Fri & Sat)Friday & Saturday @12pm. 
AB Metro ticket required.
*Please note NO TOURS on Dec 25 & Jan 1st

Tickets can be purchased at our meeting point or you can book online now (Recommended).

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