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As the cold dark nights set in over Berlin and summer seems like a distant memory what is left for us to do in a city without limits?

Evening plans need to be filled with more than a night in a club you’ve been to a million times, a bar you have been proping up since the begining of time or another versinage in that niche gallery,  that to be honest…  Wasn’t that good anyway!

The hunt begins!  The search for the unexplored, the lust to experience things that others only dream of…  And all of this on a rainey Wednesday evening in November!  Is it really possible to find such a thing?

This is Berlin people, anything is possible!  Street artists climb to the untouched canvases of the city skylights, sound systems are dragged into the outer limits of this urban playground and the urban explorer searches relentlsly for an open window to crawl through and discover uncharted worlds. Hidden in the dark crevases of Berlin there is a creative battle ground, a hieve of activity hidden from the naked eye.  Legality being nothing more than a technical itch.

There in my inbox flashes such a discovery, an obscure message inviting me to a screening of Tobe Hoopers masterpiece The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This is no ordinary invitation either!  Included is directions to a random meeting point in the east of the city, a time and a date, nothing more!

Slowely the crowds gather, beers are opened and a hum of conversation breaks through the silence of the dark winter evening. A chill in the atmosphere and an uncertainty amongst the beer swilling crowd now growing 100 maybe 200 strong.

Where are we? Where are we going? What is this all about?

Hundreds of people meeting up at a seemingly random place in Berlin, are lead to an unused, unknown place to watch the movie in an environment that connects itself to the essence of the feature. Only 5 € on your way in will be exchanged for free drinks, snacks and a cinema experience in a locale that cannot be beaten. Huddle together, watch a stunning movie in an environment that to some will overwhelm and enhance the horror depicted on the silver screen.

This is how the “hit&run kino” begins.  Shrouded in secrecy this urban hunting experience is so much more than just another b-movie screening, this is secret non-profit cinema.

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