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Street Art Tour

Meets at “REWE” supermarket, Revaler Straße 2.


3 hours

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Street Art Tour

Artists tell you the secrets, the history, the techniques, the rules and the personal stories of graffiti and street art in a walk through a city whose very walls are canvasses. This is a comprehensive history of graffiti and its culture.

What to expect?

Berlin’s air is thick with paint. Its soundtrack is the clack-clack of a spray can in the night. Tags tell as much of a story as five storey murals, a blast from a high pressured fire extinguisher can be as expressive as a centuries old canvas from a Dutch master.

And we know the history and the culture of it all. Let artists themselves show you the sweetest spots and the finest pieces, whilst giving a comprehensive history of urban art in its modern day Mecca.

See huge murals, heaven spots and and throw-ups. Learn about bombing and tagging, stencils, paste-ups, stickers and everything in between. Tour includes Urban Nation gallery. Covers Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Schöneberg.

Additional Information

What to bring:

  • train ticket (AB day pass recommended)
  • appropriate clothing depending on weather (umbrella if necessary)