An Anglo-Australian import, Rob is a self confessed graffiti and street art geek. With experience working for one of Berlin’s renowned galleries, focused heavily on abstract post-graffiti, he has emerged himself in all aspects of the movement. Away from the world of legally questionable art forms Rob spends his time tinkering with electronic music and restoring antique furniture.


Jason’s a dad, singer, sayer,teller, artist, teacher, performer living in Berlin for 15 years. You might have seen or heard him playing in these punk rock bands : social Unrest, The Knit Separates or The Child Readers and even the Dysnea Boys. When he´s not playing live he´s out there guiding folk around the neighborhoods of Berlin. Most definitely a guy with a terrific understanding of underground Berlin and it´s many fascinating local stories.


As a graphic designer and make up artist from Germany, Bastian has a passion for colour and design and he loves this lively city filled with art. He has traveled to Australia where he came back as a licensed cowboy and he has also worked at New York Fashion Week as a make up artist but Berlin always seems to draw him back to his homeland. He loves meeting people form all cultures and background, which makes being a tour guide just the perfect side job for him.


Kurtis found his graffiti addiction from drawing in his fellow student’s books, on teachers’ desks, and the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms of his school in Pittsburgh, PA. Nearly the same time discovering crews and artists, Sesk, Seek, Krush, NSF and TimeBomb he felt compelled by the fades, the contrasts, 3D effects, the Icy Blues and Ultra Whites, the fatcaps, the wildstyles with the crisp and solid outline finishes, to take his art further. 10 years later in Brooklyn, New York where he lived another 10+ years, he found himself doing the same thing. Now living in Berlin, he spends his life creating music under the name KRTS with well-known and successful indie-label, Project: Mooncircle. Tour guide by day, Graffiti writer and musician by night.


Lina is a fashion designer and stylist. She was born in Hamburg but her routes go back to Iceland. She got in contact with the alternative scene from an early age. Her father was a punk rocker and the founder of the first punk band in Germany. She loves listening to all different kinds of music, drawing, singing and dancing.


Jake is from the UK and one of our most experienced and engaging tour guides. After a career as a touring and recording musician in a rock band Jake found himself in Berlin and working in the legendary Tacheles art house up until it´s closure. He´s a wonderful story teller, published author and chief English writer for the local football side FC Union in his other jobs. A colorful character with a warm and friendly persona. He´s one of the best guides you could hope for to take a tour with, through the streets of urban Berlin.


Nichole is a huge fan of the local punk culture and dinosaurs.
She also happens to be a chef and believes that Berlin is a hidden gem of a food city. Something she is more than happy to give recommendations about.
When she’s not entertaining tourists with her passionate rants about gentrification and the city´s music scene you will find her throwing elbows in a moshpit or shopping for dinosaur figurines to add to her collection.