An Anglo-Australian import, Rob is a self confessed graffiti and street art geek. With experience working for one of Berlin’s renowned galleries, focused heavily on abstract post-graffiti, he has emerged himself in all aspects of the movement. Away from the world of legally questionable art forms Rob spends his time tinkering with electronic music and restoring antique furniture.


Cole moved to Berlin over ten years ago to indulge in his greatest passion: not being in Ohio. Raised in what can only be accurately described as the “Ye-Haw” part of the States, Cole spent some time travelling the world before settling on Berlin as the perfect place to indulge in his second greatest passion: loudly and excitedly yelling at strangers in exchange for money. As someone who has always enjoyed art, history and culture (see why he didn’t fit in in Ohio?), Berlin appealed to Cole as a major hub of all three, and becoming a tour guide allowed for him to indulge in this passion professionally, and since the only other thing he is even passably qualified for is Guitar Hero 3, this seemed like that smarter professional option.


Marnie Feuerriegel is an Australian visual artist and muralist who has been living in Berlin since 2015. Coming from Far North Queensland in Australia, she has a deep love for all things bold, bright and colourful. She often expresses these motifs through her paintings. When not touring, you can also find her every Sunday at RAW Gelände Flohmarkt with her prints and catch some of Berlins amazing street art at the same time!


Rhys is a 27 year old Historian and Musician, who moved to Berlin from the another swamp of Essex, England. Largely involved in the endless nightlife of the city, he DJs in various clubs and has plenty of knowledge on the cultural and social history of the ever-changing city.


Jake is an actor and folk/punk/comedy singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon USA. He jumped ship to Germany in 2016 and now works as a tour guide in Berlin. Tour guiding perfectly combines his passions for history & culture with performance and presentation, on the wide-open stage that is this vibrant city of endless opportunity and entertainment. Fun fact: he is also a licensed mermaid swimming instructor. It’s a thing. Ask him about it, he’ll surely tell you more.


Ben made his way from the much loved island of NZ to arrive at the unknown shores of Berlin on New Years Eve 2007 – an explosive start to say the least! And began a long relationship with the city, who’s street art and music scenes captured his imagination and helped to cultivate his own unique style. He has been giving tours since 2010 and putting his art in the streets for almost as long under the name B.S, you might also find him in Kreuzberg art shop “Let It Bleed” as part of the collective there supporting local artists. With over 10 years experience expect a tour filled with street art stories and insights into the where and why of modern Berlin.


Born in Colombia, Antonio Castello (36), moved to Berlin in 2016 after working in New York city as photographer and artist for some years. Now in Germany Mr.Castello works as a freelancer Visual, experimental photographer and street artist. You can usually find his face all around the streets of the German Capital as part of his street art project in which the artist portraits himself in different situations.
Get ready to discover the streets of Berlin with this colorful happy latin guide, he will put a smile on your face as he tells you all his magic realism stories about the graffiti in Latin America, New York City and Europe.


After graduating in economics in the UK, Anika returned home to Germany and quickly decided that she rather spends time showing people around her beloved Berlin than sitting in stuffy offices. Though she can tell you everything from Prussian Kings to the Berlin Wall, her main focus always stayed on her favorite part of the city, which is the alternative side of it. Spending almost all of her free time in independent cinemas, alternative rock concerts, queer parties, art exhibitions and skateparks, she knows about the city’s cultural landscape like no other and is happy to give out tips on anything going on from small street art galleries to the fine arts museums, from cosy jam sessions to Ballett and Opera.


Ani is a student and a multidisciplinary artist from Hong Kong. They are young but have a lot to say about a lot. With interests spreading across fields in art (music, painting, sculpture, graffiti, to name a few), they would be a great guide in touring you through some of the quintessential art-forms in Berlin. He also has a lot of style, so at the very least he would be interesting to look at. They go by any pronouns (except it) so feel free to refer to them however you want. When they’re not on the job, they would be in the studio, working or hanging out with their friends.


Susana is a Peruvian interdisciplinary artist. She was born in the chaotic and incredible city of Lima, where she studied painting and lived until 2018 when she moved to Berlin to continue her studies and discover ways to create in other contexts. She is a lover of all forms of artistic expression but has a special interest in political and social art and interventions in public space. She currently works as a freelance artist doing exhibitions, lectures and workshops.


Steven is an artist and musician from the UK. He is a long time veteran of the UK Hip Hop scene and has considerable knowledge of all aspects of Hip Hop Culture. Come join him for a friendly and informative jaunt around Berlin.


Patricia is an art historian from Venezuela whose great passion for Berlin’s modern history made her fall in love and move to the city.

She’s specialized in graffiti, street art and guerrilla Art, as well as in the artistic expressions of political, feminist, environmental and LGBTQ activist movements.


Giada is a 24 old art historian from Italy, who moved to Berlin because she is keen on the history of the city, especially if connected with Cold War. When she is not working, she loves to roller skate around the city enjoying Berlin’s atmosphere and the hidden little streets and corners of the city looking for urban art or, if it is raining, Giada spends her time cooking Italian dishes with poor result.