Taste Berlin

Taste Berlin


Join our unique tour of Berlin´s craft beer scene and traditional food & beverage culture

We bring you a unique blend of the traditional and modern on this informative and very tasty tour. Visit some of Berlin’s most interesting and innovative locations to sample original and authentic flavours of both food and drink.This tour gives you the chance to try some delicious hand crafted beers, made by small local brewers as well as homemade and innovative local dishes.

These intimate local establishments each have a unique slant to the food and drink they offer from old world styles to modern takes on traditional food and drink. The new and thriving scene of small craft breweries in Berlin is also building on centuries of tradition with new brewing techniques and innovative ideas. 


  • Try some Berlin craft beer at a brew pub with an onsite brewery
  • Visit the oldest and most famous beer garden in the city and sample their house beer
  • Taste traditional German food with a modern twist.
  • Learn about region specific dishes as well as those created in times of austerity.
  • Relax and enjoy a beer and a homemade snack on us at one of one of Berlin´s best craft beer bars served with Rock N Roll .
  • Hear many fascinating stories from your passionate guides about how food and drink is produced in Germany, food pairings with beverages and the history of each product and locations we visit.

We have designed this tour for small groups to get a bit of a glimpse of the old world while allowing your tastebuds to sample some of the best of Berlin´s current new craft beer boom. Don´t expect to see the typical currywurst, Doner or major beer brands on this tour instead we invite you to try some known and unknown local specialities made through both necessity and tender love and care.

Tour meets at Pfferbräu brewery Schönhauser Allee 176, Prenzlauerberg.
Opposite Ubahn Senefelderplatz.