Alternative Berlin Free Tour

Free Tours

Join the creators of BerlinĀ“s free Alternative walking tour and see Berlin like a Berliner.

666 Girls

666 Anti Pubcrawl

The Alternative Berlin pubcrawl is
not your typical standard pubcrawl!

Street Art Workshop & Tour

Street art Workshop

A mind blowing introduction to Berlin’s graffiti & street art culture.

Real Berlin Experience

Berlin’s dynamic culture & lifestyle fascinates everyone! Join us on this fun & insightful tour!

Green Tour

Green Tour

Take a look at the green city of Berlin now & in the future!

Taste Berlin

Our unique tour of Berlin’s craft beer scene and traditional food & beverage culture.

Twilight Berlin

Twillight Tour

Can you handle our most extreme tour?

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Craft Beer Tour

Wanna learn more about BerlinĀ“s craft beer?

Alternative Hamburg

Alternative Hamburg

Check out our Hamburg Tours!