New Years Eve 2022 in Berlin

From Griessmühle, Watergate, Kater Blau, Tresor to Berghain, from Insomnia and Yaam to Klunkerkranich and RSO. There are lots of parties around town again for Silvester (german for New Years Eve). From big clubs to niche venues everybody is putting on special events for the „biggest night of the year“ there are way too many amazing alternative options to pick our Top5 that’s why this year we are doing the most alternative thing possible and recommending some more traditional activities that our guests might usually ignore. Let’s slide into the new year like Germans this year. Here our ideas:

Brandenburger Tor

Yes you are reading right the mainstream party at Brandenburger Tor. They call it „Europe’s largest Silvester party“ with a big stage program broadcasted live on TV and of course pompous professional fireworks. It’s a big old slice of cheese but should be visited at least once just to tick the box… and hey… the proper parties in Berlin start way after midnight anyways so let’s give the Gate a chance.

Clärchens Ballhaus

Cosplay conservative, get your fancy dress on and spend the last night of 2022 glamorous. Opened in 1913, one of the last existing Ballrooms from the early 20th century in Berlin, Clärchen´s Ballhaus should be visited at least once for trying a step or two on the historic dance floor in Mitte. Why not New Years Eve? They have a party starting from 10PM with drinks included for 75€ entrance fee with a maximum of 300 guests. Shine your good shoes and swing into the new year at one of the shooting locations for Inglouriuos bastards. Link for tickets:

At home with friends & neighbors 

Covid gave birth to a new NYE tradition in my house which is simply celebrating at home. We are a mixed bunch of people from 4 to 85 years old and it’s really nice and relaxing to just stay at home getting comfortable on a sofa, talking the night away and watching from the balcony as the neighborhood lights up with fireworks and firecrackers. Surely not everybody is so lucky in this big anonymous city to have such a great group of neighbors but celebrating with friends at home might be even better. Our friends from IheartBerlin wrote a fantastic guide how to spend the night with deco, food and game suggestions here


Just stroll around on the streets of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. Every bar will be busy and who wants to spend half their night lining up for a club, only to end up being denied entry!! There are gatherings at Spätis all over the place and who knows? you might end up with new friends for the night, taking the party wherever your feet decide to guide you. A good place to be at midnight is Oberbaumbrücke where loads of locals and visitors will set up their fireworks and celebrate into the new year but honestly, wherever you are will be the perfect place for the countdown as everybody will be out and about. Just step out of the everyday and drift into a little urban adventure without any planning and expectations.

NYE 2022 Berlin              Ballhaus