Pub Quiz Berlin

Pub Quizzes aren’t for everyone, but Mr. Know-It-All is trying to change your mind

about that.


Pub Quiz


A quiz show that originally began in New York City,Mr. Know-It-All’s Completely

Random Trivia Night is now having live events here in Berlin every month. It’s a fun,

challenging and sometimes ridiculous pub quiz, hosted by Dan Schechter (AKA Mr.

Know-It-All) and comedian Manu Raivio. The subjects difer wildly from one question to

the next, including such topics as: Keanu Reeves’ memes, bird mating calls, social media

trends, amazon sex toy reviews, karaoke lyrics, dating app games, word games and, of

course, your favorite flms and TV shows.


It’s a combination of comedy show, game night and a night out at a bar with friends.

Come with your own dream team of players (around 4-6 is recommended), or come

alone and the hosts there will pair you up with some people new to Berlin looking to

make some friends and win some great prizes. Speaking of: they also have actual prizes,

and even encourage teams to bring/donate “an ofering” to make the massive prize bag

all the more enticing. And just so there are no sore losers, second place gets a free

bottle of Berliner Luft to remove the unpleasant taste of defeat.


Though locations vary, The Alt-Berliner Biersalon in Kurfurstendamm is where you’ll fnd

most of their shows these days. Coming up in February they even have specialty shows

for Valentine’s Day (well, the night before on the 13th) where singles get free shots and a

specialty quiz for lovers of flm, just in time for Berlinale (on February 20th).

If you’re interested in checking it out, sign up at their meetup page for notifcations of

all upcoming shows.


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