Greek Riot Dog. Grrrrrrrr!


The city of Athens in Greece has made news worldwide in recent years for a series of protests and out and out full scale riots. The television footage of rioters , activists , civil rights protesters , striking farmers & firefighters looks a war zone at worst or an exciting day depending on your idea of fun. Through the tear gas , flaming cars , riot police and carnage comes an astonishing image of a hardened warrior involved in every single riot in Athens since 2008.

His name is Riot Dog. Though there are said to be several “Riot dogs”.Louk is the most famous and the mascot or poster boy for freedom fighters and demonstrators in Greece.  He has fans all over the globe and several facebook pages with massive numbers of dedicated fans. His predecessor Kanellos was the first incarnation of Riot Dog and was involved in the infamous 2008 Greek riots. Kanellos died in 2008 of old age and his look a like Louk is said to be one of Kanellos pups.

It is not known what the attraction Riot dog has to demonstations and civil disobedience.
He is a street dog but is feed and cared for by students like other dogs at the local college campus. One theory is that he believes the mobs moving or converging are his “pack” so he must run with them and protect them . He seems to have a special sense of where to find the action. He is seen darting through protesters , dodging cannisters of tear gas and flying missiles. Fronting up to police in full riot gear growling and barking at them.
He is not scared of trouble even though in his off time he is quite relaxed and well behaved.

Make no mistake though Riot dog is seriously hardcore and if go to Greece looking for some civil disorder make sure you catch up with Riot dog he knows where the chaos and the action is to be found!
Grrrrrr what the F*%$k ya looking at Police swine !!!