Dudes Factory

Alternative Berlin Tours is always trying to keep things different.  Different as in what you would normally never expect to see on any traditional tour.  Just recently we stumbled on to a great shop with a similar idea of keeping things out of the norm and more original.  The Dudes Factory on Torstrasse is something new and fresh in the world of art and retail.  Each month the factory chooses and collaborates with an up and coming artist, or group of artists.  Together they create a collection of t-shirt design, collectable art works, and crafts.  All products are sold in house or online where you can also  personalize your own design. The month begins with a large opening with live music, art performances, and the artist on sites.  All Proceeds from sales are divided between the factory and artists.

This month the Dudes Factory collaborated with the artist group The Studiokillers.  The event opened with a live Painting of cherry in the video below as well and original designed guitar and video works by the artist group. If you ever find yourself in Mitte stop by the Dudes Factory and checked the ongoing creativity.

Dudes Factory Berlin

Torstraße 138

10119 Berlin, Germany