Friends With Benefits

The Köpi are reopening their techno cellar tomorrow for a night of swanky, gritty, noisy, ghetto elektro-punk.  As far a we can tell tomorrow’s Soliparty (benefit party) at the Köpi is a benefit for, well, benefit parties.  It seems that the antifascist, subcultural, non-commercial party collective Kontrollverlust was recently fined by the cops for holding an illegal benefit party.  Their solution?  To throw another benefit party so they can cover the cost of the fine, of course!  Now we just need to find out what the original benefit party was in aid of and we’ll be sorted.

The lineup features ‘shiny,hip-hop, death-f***’ artist Cat N’Guyen (pictured above) a ‘hardcorelafftraknintendocorepunkstuntpunkterrorKöln’ band called Lafftrack, DJ Emiliano Nenzo who plays ‘TechHouseMinimal’ and DJ KOMAndo Beretto, who plays ‘PonyRaveGeshredder’ .

Enjoy the weekend and be sure to watch this space for more views from Berlin’s party gutter courtesy of Alternative Berlin!