Little Dudes Invade Berlin

Introducing the latest arrival in Berlin – an influx of ‘Little Dudes’. Originating in Dudeland, i.e. graphic designer Alexis Bainger’s creative cortex, these cheeky individuals have been made across the globe by creatives in different fields, from textiles to painting, born from a neutral template which every artist responded to in their own way.

Following roughly a two month window the artists involved in the project posted their creations to Berlin, where they were exhibited at Urban Spree from November 1st – 3rd in a proud ‘dude reunion’. Packed with people eager to see the finished dudes in all their glory, the most important part of the evening was the charity auction – each artist having the option to donate the proceeds from their dude to one of three charities –

charity: water, Action against hunger or the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

The amount of talent and thought that had gone into the Little dudes was incredible. Although most didn’t stray too far from the initial A4 size a few towered above the others, as well as the particularly great dude, ‘Lionel’, by aloof creative Slaven Rogosic who was so tiny he sat behind a magnifying glass, holding a sign reading ‘Is it me you’re looking for?’.

Other personal favourites included ‘Manu Zulu’, the African inspired dude by illustrator Anne Wenkel whose story on his birth certificate (one accompanying every dude) described him as “the ruler over nightfall and rosy fingered dawn,”. There was also a dude living in his very own home, and another in an egg box which doubled as his spaceship, the natural inhabitants of the creatures spanning far and wide.

The auction seemed to be a great success despite a slow start, the crowd not really warming up until Alexis’ own dude ‘Beary Baingerous’ came under the hammer. With the charming patter of auctioneer Herr Wendelin Groß the handsome sum of over €1,200 was raised for the three charities. Any dudes without new parents who weren’t sold at the auction, ‘Orphan’ dudes, are currently up for adoption on the site – you can see them here.

Although the Little Dudes have now begun their journey, happy in their new homes their mission is not over yet. Founder Bainger says “There is definitely more in store for little dudes. A bigger and better mission 2 is being planned for the coming Spring, and some other world improving missions too. It wasn´t me who said ‘little dudes are going to conquer the world.. for sure!’ , but I would have to agree!”.

We certainly hope so.

Keep up to date with the Little Dudes by following their FB page or website.

Words by Marie J Burrows