Top Fives for January

If you have taken a tour with us at Alternative Berlin in the past few months, you would have been lucky enough to receive many cool recommendations for your stay in Berlin. We are always very willing to give you updated info on our favourite bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, parks, tattoo parlours, vinyl shops and much moreto help our guests continue their good times in Berlin, even after their tour’s are finished. We don’t want to give all of our tips away here, you’ll have to come on a tour to get them all, but here are 5 of our favourites.

Badehaus Simpla

Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon 


Without a doubt, the number one question us guides get asked is ‘where should I go out tonight’! As you may be aware, Berlin’s nightlife well and truly centres around electronic music, however there is also a vast selection of clubs and bars that cater for most tastes and desires. For those guests wanting to see some live music, we often recommend Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon.


(Photo via Zitty Berlin)


With live music most nights of the week, Badehaus, as it is more simply known, is a great choice for jazz, gypsy, rock, hip hop and everything in between. If you are a budding musician, Badehaus’s regular schedule includes a variety of jam sessions and open mic nights, where musicians are welcome to join in on the fun and games.

AKA tattoo



If you want to remember your awesome time in Berlin FOREVER, we have no better suggestion than for you to get yourself a tattoo at one of our favourite Berlin tattoo studios AKA.


(Photo via AKA Facebook)


AKA boast some of Berlin’s best tattoo artists, each with their own individual style, who daily create amazing pieces on locals and travelers alike. As they are quite popular, it is recommended to make a appointment. AKA also do piercings!


Sfizy Veg 


(Photo via Mogli Oak Berlin)

Berlin is a very vegetarian and vegan friendly city, but if you are looking for an extra special restaurant, we highly recommend you check out Europe’s first all vegan pizzeria Sfizy Veg.

With pizza names like Bacon Cheezzyburger, Sfizy Veg’s menu may seem somewhat confusing as to whether they are actually vegan or not. But I can inform you that these are just names and their pizza’s, pasta’s and salads are all vegan friendly and delicious! Even the meat lovers will get confused as to what they are actually eating.


Core Tex Records


Coretex records

(Photo via Core Tex Records)

If you have previously joined one of our tours, you would most likely have heard stories of Kreuzberg’s punk music past. Although electronic music now reigns supreme, punk is still alive and if you are wanting to pick up a few records whilst you’re in town, we recommend Core Tex Records.

Core Tex Records isn’t all about punk, they also stock a large collection of metal, hardcore, screamo, indie and other such genres on record and cd. They also have a massive collection of tshirts, merchandise and even sell their own beer!



Museum der Dinge

Particularly in the colder winter months, we like to recommend our guests some interesting thing to do indoors. Berlin’s museums are an obvious choice, but if you want to visit one that is a little bit different to the rest, we recommend that you check out Museum der Dinge or in English, the Museum of Things.

Since 2007, the Museum of Things has been exhibiting their interesting collection of, well, things, that include products, toys, pins, books, plates, kettles and basically any other oddities you could think of! It is truly a great way to spend a few hours, particularly with friends as there are so many great talking points.