The alternative Berlin guide to The Great Outdoors.

Berlin has long, hard winters. Even though we’re proud that our tours run all year round, we do get excited at the sight of sunshine! So this Easter weekend as the blue skies came back and people began to huddle outside of cafes and along the canals, basking in the first real sunshine of 2016 we couldn’t help but consider all of our favorite outdoor spots, and thought we’d share a few with you!


Thai Park


This park in Wilmersdorf is actually called Preussen Park but the unique outdoor market that happens there every day that the weather allows has resulted in it being better known, as Thai Park. Thai families gather in the park and have a huge array of freshly cooked food for sale. The smell alone is amazing! Sunday is probably the best day to get a good variety of vendors, but it does get busy, so pick a good spot and get settled for some serious eating. You wouldn’t believe the amount of different dishes being prepared by people on blankets, on the ground, under big sun umbrellas and you have to pinch yourself to remember you’re in Berlin. A unique experience.

Thai Park




Badeschiff is a beach bar, with a pool that floats on the Spree. Yup, it’s water on water and gives you a spectacular view over the river whilst you relax in the sun. The pool is actually a converted barge and you can expect it to be a bit packed in Summer as people head to the water to cool off. There was a bit of Berlin drama last year when people complained it was harder to get into Badeschiff than Berghain, it does get as busy! We are also big fans of lake swimming. Being in Berlin we are blessed with the fact we are never too far away from a lake and an afternoon sat on the shore of Müggelsee or Schlachtensee is also just the ticket!


Alternative Berlin Green Tour


Okay, so we might be a little bias with this one but we are really proud of this tour. We designed it so we could show you what Berlin’s local communities are doing to help create a more sustainable urban environment. This tour focuses on what is being done to create, preserve and revitalise city landscapes because we want to inspire you into taking action to make our world greener. We’ve only got one! The tour takes in some amazing sights, a former railway depot, reclaimed by nature and home to a huge array of plant and animal life as well as a former drive in movie site now occupied by people using solar power and rain water to fuel their homes and workshops and a host of other secret green sites! We are in our tenth year of running tours in Berlin and this one is important to us because we want to give back, by starting a conversation about how we can all take part in better conservation of our planet. Booking is advised, just visit


Beer Garden


The Berlin beer garden is an absolute good weather go to. There are SO many to choose from but our favorites include Luftgarten, Mauersegler, Eschenbräu and Prater Restaurant and Beer Garden. Getting together around a big table with some cold beer on a hot day takes some beating. Berlin beer gardens all have their own character and most Berliners have a favorite. It’s not just the Southern Germans that know how to wile away a sunny day getting progressively more sozzled as they socialise!


Tempelhofer Feld

Once the site of what was Europe’s largest airport, with the old airport (still one of the world’s largest buildings) still sitting on the skyline, Tempelhofer Feld is now a much loved public park. For skating, cycling, jogging or just rolling around in the grass this is THE park to hang out in on a nice day. There are designated BBQ areas, (because Berliners LOVE to grill outside in the sun) as well as a skate park and a beer garden. This big undeveloped green space is part of the heart and lungs of our city and we plan to keep it that way! Plans to build on areas of it were crushed by the people of Berlin who want to keep Tempelhof for the people.

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