Alternative Berlin’s Top Five For April

Alternative Berlin’s Top Five For April

Okay, so we’re a bit late to the party on this one but we’ve been busy getting organised for our best time of year! Now the sun’s back in Berlin we have A LOT of people who want to go out on alternative tours with us, which is why it’s best to book in advance. It also means the city is coming alive again after winter, so there are even more crazy parties and events planned. Here’s our pick of what’s still coming up in April!

The Artist Is Broke #3 – Boddinstrasse 32, April 16th


The concept behind this conceptual photo print flea market is simple, support artists, by buying their work. Art enthusiasts can buy art at an affordable price and that of course helps the artists! The previous two events have already provided a platform for 40 photographers. On the day, there is an alternating exhibition of the work that is available, as well as an auction and bookshop. So whether you are a photographer, interested in photography or just hunting for that special something to put on display somewhere this event is a must.

Paranoid – Lido – April 16th

We’re forever singing the praises of this once a month stalwart of the Berlin party scene. The perfect blend of 70s Hardrock & Protometal † 80s Metal † 90s Alternative † Psychedelic Rock make this night a real must. The dance floor stays crazy all night long, as do most of the regulars, so be prepared to get weird.

Hell and Buio – Kӧpi – April 20th


What better way to spend 4/20 than at a cool show in a squat? Get a fix of “extreme funeral doom” from American band Hell (they’re actually from Salem. Spooky) as well as some home grown Berlin black metal from Buio.

Anti-Reinheitsgebot – April 23rd

German beer making laws are strict. The “Reinheitsgebot” is the collective name for a series of regulations limiting the ingredients in beer in Germany. So on April 23rd (German Beer Day) different beer dedicated spots protest the infamous Reinheitsgebot with an anti-event for all the great beers brewed with spices, fruits, herbs and everything tasty that is not allowed within the restriction. So to join the event all you have to do is drink an interesting beer in any of the numerous bars taking place, or have one at home! We’re big fans of both drinking beer and ripping up the rulebook.


Vintage Fashion Market – Mein Haus Am See – April 30th

vintage fashion

Vintage shopping in Berlin is a difficult thing so we’re looking forward to this brand new market concept that will include vintage, fashion, jewelry, art, music & food. Expect a unique selection of vintage and second hand, international & Berlin designs as well as delicious food and drinks. Find quality pieces, hang out in the lounge area and enjoy live DJ sets. Sounds good to us!