Alternative Berlins Top Five For April

Our monthly events blog post is bit late again this month and we have no excuse, other than the fact it was amazing weather over the last couple of weekends and we were busy having fun in the sun. Ice cream was eaten, and it was AWESOME. April kicks off our busiest time of year. Although we’re swamped as soon as spring hits, we keep our groups small so we avoid looking like total tourists and you can have a real and intimate experience, without getting lost in a pack. That’s why it’s a great idea to use our website to book ahead. Without any further delay then, here’s our pick of what’s worth checking out in Berlin this month.

1. Creeper – Cassiopeia, Revaler Str. 99 – April 12th

This will be your very last chance to see this powerful rock band in a venue of this size. Whether you’re old enough to admit you love a bit of emo or young enough to think it’s a new thing, either way, Creeper will blow you away. If you hate AFI give it a miss but if you love melodic, thoughtful power punk, then do not miss this show. Their debut album has just hit number one in the UK rock charts. IN IT’S FIRST WEEK. They are being hailed as the best new rock act to come out of the UK and have just completed a sold out UK tour. These guys are playing huge festival stages this summer so once they’re as big as Queen don’t say we didn’t warn you that you had a chance to say “I saw them at an intimate show in Berlin in 2017”

2. New Brew Thursday – Monterey Bar, Danziger Str.61 – April 13th

Our beloved Monty is keeping itself firmly on the Berlin craft beer map with its weekly New Brew events. Always offering up a mind-blowing selection of beers, this lovely pub is bringing you craft beer, minus the man buns. April 13th they’ll be showcasing a new beer from Buddelship Brauerei Hamburg, their Mr. B New England IPA, as well as their Great Escape IPA. The Monty have a strict fresh is best policy and this one will only have been kegged six days before it hits the taps at Monterey Bar. It’s a holiday weekend double bill though, and as it’s a great weekend for sweet teeth, there’s also Belchin Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout and Belchin Viva La Beaver Peanut Butter Mexican Chocolate Milk Stout available all the way from California. Dam good times!

3. Nachtflohmarkt – SO36, Oranien Str. 190 – April 19th

A top tip for a trip to Berlin is to hit up a flea market. However if people are still here on a Sunday they are usually WAY too hung over to make it to the more famous ones, like Mauerpark. So why not check out the legendary music venue SO36 and rummage for bargains at this night flea market? You’ll be in the middle of Kreuzberg, can grab some beers and enjoy the entertainment they’ll have on whilst bargain hunting.

4. Desertfest- Astra, Reveller Str 99 – April 28th

Berlin is gonna be full of metal heads this month and it’s no secret that here at Alternative Berlin HQ, where music tastes are diverse, we’re head bangers at heart. The line up for this festival is REDICULOUS with Wolves In The Throne Room, Sleep, Bongzilla, and so many more set to bring heavy riffs to Revaler 99. When a festival like this hits town there’s always a lot of great after parties and shows planned around it so keep an eye on our Facebook page for heavy happenings we’ll happily share with you.

5. Nerds & Nuggets Vol. 23: Emo (feat. Deckert & Bonifer)- Falckensteinstraße 48- April 25th

Listening to the blinding new Creeper record got us in the mood for some emo-tinged nostalgia, so we’re rounding off with this dance party. Time to drag your too small band-shirts out of the drawer: Nerds & Nuggets Vol. 24 is presenting all your favourite emo-core and post-hardcore bands from way back when. Most emo’s are old now so this event starts at a sociable 7pm. This will be a fun night full of sing-alongs and questionable haircuts. We can’t wait.

That’s all from us this time. April is massive for gigs, with Ghost and the mighty Deftones playing in the same week, we’ll see you down front! Don’t forget to ask our guides for their hints and tips of things going on or places to hang out when you’re out on a tour. They are fountains of information and your key to seeing the real alternative Berlin. Have fun!