Alternative Berlin Top Fives for August/September

With heat at its peak and some more summer weeks ahead, here is our top 5 list for

12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

With its highly political stance the Biennale creates a space for dialogue to approach the urgent matters of our times. Led by this edition’s curator, the french artist Kader Attia, the Biennale will have the notion of Decolonization at its core. The ways in which colonialism and imperialism still play a major role in our world are showcased in a diverse programm. Our recommendations: Provocative tours such as “Bodies of Racialization” (09.03 & 09.10) and “The Self and the Other – Culture on Bodies, Places, and Times” (08.17- 08.24 – 08.31 – 09.07) 


Tresor 31: Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit

Almost a place of cult for Berlin techno, this summer the club Tresor is celebrating more than three decades of existence. With an immersive exhibition in the former industrial complex Kraftwerk you will deep dive into the context that gave birth to techno music. With help of a “spatialised headphone audio-system” you will take a trip through the evolution of sounds that evolved into a cultural, artistic and social movement entangled with the recent history of Berlin. The exhibition runs until 08.25. Will there be party? Yes there will! A series of concerts will enrich the program until 08.28


Open Air Kino in Skate Yard

With locations all over Berlin, Open Air Cinemas are a classic summertime activity. Open Air Cinemas are a lot more than just the film, the locations and settings are key to creating a memorable night. Would you like to give it a small twist? In the hearth of the R.A.W gelände the walls and ramps of the Skate Hall Berlin turn every monday into a chill Open Air Cinema.


Kultursommerfestival 2022


There are some words that belong together and when combined can only mean having a great time. One of these combinations is Outdoor and Free. These two words describe the purpose of the Kultursommerfestival 2022. A mega diverse program where you can find music concerts, theater, parties, performances and much more. Take the chance to get to know the universe of the Berlin based cultural institutions always outdoors and always for free.


Berlin Photo Week

No matter if you are a pro, an amateur or just curious from 09.02 to 09.09 you can experience the art of photography in Berlin in all its glory. With a series of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, photo safaris and more, the Berlin Photo Week has something to offer for all kinds of tastes. This edition celebrates 75 years of the legendary agency Magnum Photos. Some of the workshops will allow you to walk around the city  and discover diverse thematics such as Brutalism Architecture in Berlin.