Sounds of the Universe

Usually we recommend parties, concerts and art events here and are pretty active not only walking you around the city but also in our spare time. Now in pre christmas season we feel the need of relaxation and deceleration apart from the daily city life especially after those almost 3 years of pandemic plus constant new arising crises in the world. It´s definitely the time to step out of the every day and explore an alternative sounds and experiences to slow down and calm our nervous system. Have you ever tried a Sound Bath? We did and got super excited joining different baths, healings and meditaions all over the city including gongs, alchemy or crystal singing bowls, tibetian singing bowls and a wide variety of other ancient sound-healing instruments. Here our best experiences and wonderful studios we recommend:

EVERY DAMN DAY YOGA with 3 different studios in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Mitte. You will find daily sound meditations from one of the best practitioners in the city with mainly tibetian bowls but also special classes with gong and cristal bowls and all sorts of other amazing instruments. They also have great yoga classes, check out their Yin & Sound classes to get a even deeper relaxation at


HOUSE OF HEALING in Prenzlauer Berg. They only offer one Sound Bath a week but this one is definitely worth the waitinglist and travel. Don´t miss out on the opportunity to listen to Isabella´s wonderful relaxing voice and bowls. The venue is also a yoga studio specialized on Energy Healings, Reiki and provide a shop with all sorts of different crystals which means you can relax and maybe already get some Christmas shopping out of the way. Here the website of the studio and Isabella´s for private sessions and special events all over the city plus a beautiful art print shop as she´s also a pretty talented


OHIA located at Rosenthaler Platz with daily Sound Baths including the most vibrant instrument the gong. They also offer different meditations, breathwork classes, yoga and special events like cacao ceremonies. Here the website for all details:


YOGIC ESCAPE also in Prenzlauer Berg, is a bit hidden away but your place if you are looking for classic Sounds Healings with tibetian bowls and a gong. Step away from the hectic world outside and into the lovely designed studio and recharge your energy and a clear your mind. They also offer private sound healings, reiki and massages. In case you ever want to feel a singing bowl played on your body or get one of the relaxing massages after your meditation check out