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Bowie And Berlin

Photo credit  By Hannah Graves As the world paid tribute to icon David Bowie yesterday, in the cold and … Read More

Top Five September

That dreaded Berlin winter is sadly just around the corner so we highly recommend you take advantage of the remaining … Read More

Top 5´s August

If you thought July was an action packed month wait till you see what August has on offer! For this … Read More

Top 5 July

Summer in Berlin is a hotbed of activity with many festivals, events, concerts and parties taking place all over the … Read More

Top 5 June

Top 5 June   Take advantage of the long hours of daylight this June by checking out some of our … Read More

Top 5´s May

Top 5 May For Berlin, May is a month of partying, protesting and enjoyment of the sun that has finally … Read More

Top 5´s April

Our list of Top fives for the month of April which traditionally is the month Berlin´s begin to open their … Read More

Top 5: February

Top 5: February   Well, it is cold outside. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit inside all day … Read More